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Explore the Beauty of Gold Bracelets at MoneyMax

At MoneyMax, our gold bracelets symbolise the convergence of tradition and modernity. Each piece is a testament to exceptional craftsmanship, unrivalled variety and impeccable quality, ensuring that you're not just wearing a bracelet but adorning a masterpiece. 

Our Collection of Gold Bracelets

From the classic appeal of multi-rings to the traditional pixiu bracelets; each design tells its own story. The gold rope bracelet captures hearts with its timeless elegance, while the pixiu bracelets embraces prosperity.  The intricacy of the link and chain bracelets speaks of sophistication, whereas the spiga and braided variants reflect a fusion of art and tradition. Every bracelet in our collection, from the minimalist to the ornate, promises pure unmatched craftsmanship.  

From 10K to 916 gold bracelets, find a design when you shop online with us. 

Dive into our guide on the various types of gold here to understand what would suit you best.

Why Choose MoneyMax for Your Gold Bracelets?

At MoneyMax, every gold bracelet is more than an accessory—it's an emblem of our commitment to excellence. Every curve and clasp echoes the artistry of superior craftsmanship and the glow of real gold purity. While we pride ourselves on our attention to detail, we ensure that luxury is affordable, presenting our bracelets at prices that defy market expectations.

Aside our promise of trust, our vast footprint of over 45+ outlets in Singapore stands as an assurance of our prominence in the gold industry and the gold bracelets we provide. 

Understanding the Value of Gold Jewellery

Gold isn't just about its shimmer; it's about purity and enduring value.

How Pure are our Gold Bracelets?

Each bracelet we offer is a blend of durability and purity. While designs and styles may vary, the authenticity and purity of the gold remain consistent, offering you real value with every purchase. 

How does MoneyMax Ensure the Quality of our Gold Bracelets?

We uphold stringent quality control measures. From sourcing to the final product, each step undergoes rigorous checks, ensuring that when you buy a gold bracelet from MoneyMax, you're investing in unmatched quality and genuine craftsmanship.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gold Bracelets 

Do you offer any guarantees or warranties on your gold bracelets?

When you buy gold bracelets from Our Gold Jewellery Store, you have a seven-day warranty period within which you can make an exchange. However, if you have received a damaged item, you must report it to us at 6812 2777 or email us at within one working day of receiving your order.

How do I know my size when ordering a gold bracelet?

All product listings of our gold bracelets detail the size information for your convenience. Always measure your wrist and compare it with the provided dimensions before buying to ensure a perfect fit.

Can I get my gold bracelet resized if it doesn't fit?

Yes, you can get your gold bracelet resized at MoneyMax. Reach out to us and we'll make the necessary adjustments.

How do I maintain and care for my gold bracelet?

To ensure the longevity and sheen of your gold bracelet, adhere to the following care instructions:

  • Store your bracelet individually to avert any scratches or entanglements.
  • Adopt a regimen of consistent check-ups and cleanings. 
  • When cleaning, immerse your bracelet gently in warm water with a drop of mild soap. Use a soft brush for gentle cleansing, followed by patting it dry using a soft cloth. It's vital to keep your bracelet dry as moisture can attract dust, diminishing its sparkle.
  • Steer clear of exposing your bracelet to harsh chemicals, fragrant lotions, perfumes and sanitising agents. Such substances can damage its natural lustre.
  • For optimal preservation, avoid wearing your gold bracelet during activities that expose it to water or excessive sweat, like swimming or rigorous workouts.  

View our guide on caring for your gold and diamond jewellery for more tips.

Can I customise my gold bracelet?

While we have a vast collection, we currently don't offer custom designs. However, our team is always available to assist with any adjustments or resizing needs for your gold bracelets.

What is your return policy for gold bracelets?

At MoneyMax, we offer a transparent exchange policy for our esteemed customers. Here's what you need to know:

  • Gold bracelets can be exchanged once within a seven-day window from the purchase date. It's essential to have the bracelet in its unblemished original state and housed within its original packaging.
  • All exchanges require the original receipt.
  • Exchanges are allowed only for gold bracelets of equal or higher value, excluding postage fees, which are costs borne by the customer. We do not accommodate cash refunds.
  • An exchange becomes valid if the customer has received a flawed gold bracelet or an item different from what was ordered.
  • Gold bracelets bought from our E-Store cannot be exchanged due to a change of preference.
  • Gold bracelets with engravings are exempted from exchanges.
  • It's imperative to note that a gold bracelet can only be swapped for another item within the same product type. For instance, a pristine gold bracelet can only be exchanged for a new gold bracelet from the same category. Trading a gold bracelet for a piece from a different category, like diamond bracelets, isn't accepted unless both were part of the identical product category at the time of purchase.

Do you offer instalment plans or financing options for gold bracelets?

Yes, we offer various financing options for our gold bracelets in Singapore, ensuring a smooth purchase experience. Opt from various payment methods, such as debit/credit cards, GrabPay and PayNow for instant online transactions. You can also buy our gold bracelets using instalment plans, our Shopback Paylater and Grab Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) schemes permit up to four monthly instalments at a 0% interest rate.

Do you provide secure shipping for online purchases?

Your comfort and confidence are paramount to us. For every online purchase, we guarantee secure delivery of your gold bracelet right to your residence in Singapore. Furthermore, we provide complimentary local shipping for all orders to elevate your buying journey. If it's more convenient, you also have the choice to collect your bracelet and other gold jewellery pieces in-store.

How long does it take for an order to be processed and shipped?

We are dedicated to providing swift service. With complimentary shipping, you can anticipate your gold bracelet to be delivered between five and seven days. For quicker arrival, consider our express shipping option, ensuring delivery in three to four days for a small additional $30 charge. If an in-store collection suits you better, the waiting time remains five to seven days.

Do you offer engraving services for your gold bracelets?

Currently, we do not offer engraving services.