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Unveil the Purity of 999 Gold Bracelets at MoneyMax

Step into the world of sheer luminance with MoneyMax's 999 gold bracelets. These masterpieces exude pure golden allure, presenting an epitome of craft, variety, and unmatched quality. As leading retailers of 999 gold bracelets in Singapore, we stand firm in bringing our clientele pieces that exemplify a long tradition of craftsmanship and glamour, while gleaming with contemporary elegance. 

Our Assortment of 999 Gold Bracelets

999 gold bracelets are a beloved choice for everyday wear as well as heirloom jewellery, due to their high gold content and value. MoneyMax carries a variety of 999 gold bracelets in our stores including:

  • Pixiu bracelets: Imbibing the blessings of the mythical Pixiu creature from Chinese myth, this bracelet is not just an adornment but a harbinger of prosperity and good fortune.
  • Gemstone beaded bracelets: Marrying the pristine nature of 999 gold with the charm of gemstones or jade, this type of bracelet offers a colourful dance of opulence on your wrist.
  • Feng Shui coin or wealth bracelets: Incorporating coins that symbolises prosperity according to traditional Feng Shui beliefs, this bracelet is not just an accessory; it's a statement of abundance and an optimistic wish for positive energy and fortune. 

Why Choose MoneyMax for Your 999 Gold Bracelets?

Our commitment to offering impeccable 999 gold bracelets resonates with each piece, reflecting superior craftsmanship, authentic design, and intrinsic value. MoneyMax, with our strong foothold across 45+ outlets in Singapore, is a beacon of trust amongst gold retailers in the region. Thanks to our robust internal and external checks, we ensure that every 999 gold bracelet you buy lives up to the highest standards.

The Significance of 999 Gold

999 gold is named as such as it contains 99.9% gold with little to no additional metals added in – making it the purest gold possible. It has long been revered and admired for its high value, albeit with lesser durability compared to other gold caratage due to the malleable nature of gold itself. For that reason, 999 gold is a popular option for heirloom or investment pieces including 999 gold bracelets, 999 gold bars, and 999 gold pixiu bracelets.

What is 999 gold?

999 gold embodies 99.9% purity, reflecting almost pure gold, a symbol of unparalleled brilliance and refinement.

What is the difference between 999 and 916 gold?

While 999 gold represents near absolute purity at 99.9%, 916 gold has 91.6% gold content, balancing brilliance with a touch of alloy for strength. If you’re looking for gold jewellery that has greater durability for everyday wear, 916 gold earrings or 916 gold necklaces might suit your needs better.

How does MoneyMax ensure the quality of our 999 gold bracelets?

At MoneyMax, each 999 gold bracelet undergoes rigorous quality inspections before being listed in our store. This ensures they meet international gold standards as well as align to our own strict internal QC standards.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our 999 Gold Bracelets

How can I confirm the authenticity of a 999 gold bracelet?

Each 999 gold bracelet from MoneyMax comes with an invoice describing the item bought, showcasing its genuine gold content and our assurance of quality. With over 45 outlets across Singapore, MoneyMax holds all of our transactions to the highest levels of authenticity possible. Our credible track record speaks for itself, having served countless customers since our establishment in 2008.

How is a 999 gold bracelet different from lower karat gold bracelets?

A 999 gold bracelet is made of almost pure gold, offering supreme luminance while being vulnerable to gold’s malleability. In contrast, lower karat gold bracelets mix gold with other metals, giving them added strength but lesser purity.

What are the care instructions for a 999 gold bracelet?

To maintain its radiance, gently clean your 999 gold bracelet with a soft cloth and mild dish soap, or by following the instructions on a dedicated gold cleaning solution. Detailed care instructions are available in our Product Care Guide.

Can I request a custom design for a 999 gold bracelet?

MoneyMax does not currently offer customisation options for our 999 gold bracelets.

What is your return and exchange policy for 999 gold bracelets?

We have a customer-friendly seven (7) day return policy for our 999 gold bracelets upon delivery or receipt. For detailed information, kindly refer to our Returns and Exchanges policy.

Can I exchange my old gold jewellery for a 999 gold bracelet?

MoneyMax offers trade-in and Sell Back services, where you can sell your old gold pieces into our stores. For more information on trade-ins and sell backs, get in touch with our team online or visit any MoneyMax store near you to talk to an associate.

How can I ensure that the 999 gold bracelet I'm buying is genuine?

As a leading gold and jewellery retailer in Singapore, MoneyMax’s legacy is grounded in our decades of experience and commitment to upholding the highest standards. Every 999 gold bracelet is accompanied by an invoice with the item description, assuring you of its genuine gold content.

Do you provide secure delivery for online orders?

Absolutely. Our priority is to ensure that every online 999 gold bracelet purchase reaches you safely and discreetly. 

What is the estimated processing and delivery time for orders?

Upon confirmation of your order, you should receive it within five to seven working days via our free regular local shipping service. Urgent orders can be expedited via express shipping for SGD30, with a lead time of three to four working days. Customers can also opt to collect any and all jewellery purchases at a MoneyMax store near you within five to seven working days, for no extra charge.

Do you provide engraving services for 999 gold bracelets?

MoneyMax does not currently offer engraving services for our 999 gold bracelets.