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Pixiu(貔貅) Bracelets In Singapore

Use this text to share information about your store with your customers. Describe products, share announcementsaA symbol of wealth and protection, Pixiu(貔貅) is a mythical Chinese creature believed to bring prosperity and wealth. Often depicted with a dragon's head, horse's body, and a lion's paws, this auspicious creature is a favourite motif in jewellery in many Asian countries, including Singapore. Many believe wearing a gold Pixiu bracelet can attract good fortune and ward off negative energies.

Our Range of Gold Pixiu Bracelets

MoneyMax takes pride in offering an expansive range of gold Pixiu bracelets that cater to diverse tastes and preferences. Whether you’re seeking a 916 gold bracelet for daily wear or a 999 gold Pixiu bracelet as a heartfelt gift for her, our range of jewellery pieces has something enchanting in store for you.

Our classic gold Pixiu bracelets pay homage to time-tested designs. Meticulously crafted, these pieces capture the essence of age-old traditions while ensuring they align with contemporary fashion. The delicate carvings and precise detailing on each bracelet showcase the legendary Pixiu in its full glory, making them a favourite choice for those who appreciate timeless elegance. 

Why Choose MoneyMax for Your Gold Pixiu Bracelets

Every gold Pixiu bracelet from MoneyMax contains the finest quality and purest gold. Beyond them, we also offer other gold jewellery including gold pendants and gold bracelets. And with over 45+ outlets in Singapore, we've cemented our reputation as a trusted jewellery brand. 

Browse our Pixiu bracelet collection online or in-stores now. , or welcome customers to your store.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Gold Pixiu Bracelets

How can I ascertain the authenticity of a gold Pixiu bracelet? 

Each gold Pixiu bracelet from MoneyMax comes with an invoice to ensure you receive what you paid for. Should you want to know more about the authenticity of our items, you can make an appointment with our professionals, or you can visit any of our locations in Singapore directly to learn more.

What is the gold purity in your Pixiu bracelets? 

Our Pixiu bracelets are crafted from the highest quality 999 gold. Specific details can be found on each product’s description.

How should I care for my gold Pixiu bracelet? 

To maintain its shine and lustre, avoid exposing your Pixiu bracelet to chemicals and abrasive surfaces. A gentle wipe with a soft cloth every alternate day can also keep it looking new. Check out our Product Care Guide for more detailed care tips.

Can I have my gold Pixiu bracelet resized? 

We offer complimentary resizing services to ensure your Pixiu bracelet fits you perfectly.

What is your return and exchange policy for Pixiu gold bracelets? 

All gold Pixiu bracelets come with a 7-day exchange period upon collection. Kindly refer to our Returns and Exchanges policy for more details.

Can I exchange my old gold jewellery for a gold Pixiu bracelet? 

Yes, we offer sell-back services. Visit any of our outlets or contact us for more information.

How can I ensure that the gold Pixiu bracelet I'm buying is genuine? 

With MoneyMax, you can be confident in your gold Pixiu bracelet purchase. Our long standing reputation and the invoice accompanying each bracelet guarantee its authenticity.

How can I determine the correct bracelet size?

We provide a comprehensive size guide for your gold Pixiu bracelet. We also offer free resizing services to help you find the perfect fit.

Do you provide secure shipping for online orders? 

Absolutely, we prioritise the safety of your purchase and offer complimentary standard shipping for online orders. For those who require a faster delivery option, we also offer express shipping at a nominal fee of S$30. 

Can I view the bracelet in-person before purchasing? 

Of course! Feel free to visit any of our outlets in Singapore to see and try on our bracelets firsthand.