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Discover Our Exquisite Earrings Collection

Indulge in the timeless elegance of MoneyMax's earrings collection. Discover masterpieces that resonate with grace, quality, and a personal touch, meticulously crafted for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

Buy Earrings from Our Online Jewellery Shop Today!

From timeless classics to contemporary designs, our earrings collection embody the epitome of craftsmanship.

Every piece of earring jewellery  in our shop is handcrafted by the most skilled artisans, showcasing their finesse and artistic creativity. Our collection also offers a vast selection ranging from minimalist studs to intricate hoops and more. We prioritise using only high-grade materials, ensuring each earring's durability and brilliance for your betterment.

What Type of Earrings Are Available at Our Shop?

Discover the elegance that befits your personality with our varied collection:

  • Gold Earrings: Indulge in the rich allure of gold, synonymous with quality and luxury.
  • 916 Gold Earrings: Elegance personified, our 916 gold earrings are perfect for daily wear or adding a touch of grace to special moments
  • Pearl Earrings: A symbol of purity and sophistication, our pearl earrings offer a timeless appeal.
  • Moissanite Earrings: The sparkle of moissanite captures hearts with its brilliance and sustainable allure.
  • Diamond Earrings: The classic diamond earrings from our jewellery shops in Singapore offer unrivalled elegance and a promise of eternal beauty.

 Why Choose MoneyMax Earrings?

Selecting MoneyMax's earrings is a testament to sophistication and taste. Our unwavering commitment to quality, matched with unparalleled value, sets us apart.

At MoneyMax, quality doesn't come at the cost of affordability. Enjoy the finest earrings in Singapore without compromising your budget. Our extensive network of over 50 outlets in Singapore fortifies the trust and credibility of our brand — you can shop our earrings in prime locations, where our professional staff are always ready to assist with a smile.

Frequently Asked Questions about Our Earrings

How can I trust the quality of MoneyMax earrings?

At MoneyMax, we prioritise our customers' satisfaction. While we uphold the utmost standards in earring quality, we understand the importance of peace of mind. That's why we offer free exchanges and shipping in Singapore, ensuring that you can confidently buy the perfect piece without any risk. 

Can I see the earrings in person before purchasing?

Absolutely. You're welcome to visit any of our shops in Singapore and Malaysia to experience our earrings collection in person. Our in-store experts are eager to guide you through the selection process if required.

What is the return policy for earrings?

We offer a 7-day return policy on our earrings, making your shopping experience worry-free. For full details, please refer to our Return Policy section.

How can I care for and maintain my earrings from MoneyMax?

Proper care is essential for maintaining the beauty of your earrings. We recommend regular cleaning with gentle solutions and a soft cloth. For professional maintenance, our jewellery shops are always at your service.

Does MoneyMax offer any warranty on their earrings?

While there is no warranty given for earrings at MoneyMax, we have a 7-day one-time exchange policy in place. You can also make claims for damaged or missing items, though they must be reported upon the receipt of your order. 

Can I get my earrings resized at MoneyMax?

Certainly. Our in-house experts can assist with resizing services for your purchased earrings at any MoneyMax jewellery shop in Singapore.

How does MoneyMax ensure ethical sourcing of their diamonds and other gemstones?

We adhere to strict ethical sourcing policies, only dealing with suppliers who follow the same principles. MoneyMax ensures that every gemstone is sourced responsibly, aligning with global standards.