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Explore Our Exquisite Range of Bracelets

Wondering where to buy bracelets in Singapore? Dive into our captivating assortment of jewellery bracelets, featuring an array of designs perfect for any occasion, from elegant evenings to casual daywear. Our collection includes luxurious 916 and 999 gold bracelets, sparkling diamonds and lustrous freshwater pearl pieces to complement your personal style. From sophisticated soirees to everyday ensembles, shop your ideal match at MoneyMax.

Dive into Our Bracelet Jewellery Collection

Explore our diverse array of bracelets for sale online. From timeless elegance to contemporary flair, our collection offers the perfect piece for everyone looking to buy a bracelet online in Singapore.

Gold Bracelets

Indulge in wearable luxury with our 916 gold bracelets and 999 gold bracelets. Enhance your jewellery collection with these lustrous additions that symbolise wealth and elegance.

Diamond Bracelets

Our diamond bracelets are designed to dazzle and impress. Each jewellery bracelet features meticulously selected diamonds, set in designs that capture and reflect light magnificently, perfect for adding a touch of glamour to any outfit. 

Freshwater Pearl Bracelets

Elegantly crafted from genuine freshwater pearls, our pearl jewellery bracelets are ideal for those who appreciate understated luxury. Pair these exquisite bracelets with our matching pearl earrings for a cohesive look that exudes classic charm.

Why Choose MoneyMax Jewellery Bracelets?

Choose MoneyMax if you’re looking to buy a bracelet online or in-store for quality and diverse style. Our collection ensures that whether you’re searching for jewellery bracelets in Singapore or browsing our bracelets for sale online, you’ll find pieces that truly reflect your taste and sophistication. With over 50 outlets across Singapore, you can shop our bracelets in prime locations, where our professional staff are always ready to assist you with a smile.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Bracelets

Does MoneyMax offer free delivery for bracelets?

We provide free domestic shipping for MoneyMax Jewellery e-store orders above SGD$100. This can be a combination of bracelets and other jewellery pieces. For orders below SGD$100, we charge a flat fee of SGD$5 for each shipment.

Can I see the bracelets in person before purchasing?

Yes, you can visit any of our MoneyMax retail stores near you to see our collection of jewellery bracelets in person before making a purchase. However, if you choose to buy bracelets online from our e-commerce shop, rest assured that the quality and authenticity of our jewellery bracelets are of the highest standard.

What is the return policy for bracelets?

We offer a seven (7) day return policy on our jewellery bracelets upon collection or delivery of the purchase. Please refer to our Returns and Exchanges policy section for more details or reach out to our in-store experts for any assistance.

How can I care for and maintain my bracelets from MoneyMax?

To care for and maintain your jewellery bracelets, follow these general best practices:

  • Avoid contact with harsh chemicals
  • Store them separately to prevent scratches
  • Clean them with a soft, damp cloth
  • Store them in a dry area to avoid humidity

Does MoneyMax offer any warranty on their bracelets?

MoneyMax offers a seven-day warranty period for jewellery bracelets from the date of purchase.

Can I get my bracelets modified at MoneyMax?

MoneyMax offers customisation for our 999 PrettiGold Multi-Rings Link Bracelet, all other jewellery bracelets are not customisable. However, we are pleased to offer resizing services for bracelets. Simply visit your nearest MoneyMax store or reach out to us for more details.

How does MoneyMax ensure ethical sourcing of their diamonds and other gemstones used in their bracelets?

We adhere to strict ethical sourcing policies, only dealing with suppliers who follow the same principles. MoneyMax ensures that every gemstone is sourced responsibly, aligning with global standards.

Does MoneyMax provide certificates of authenticity?

Yes, all our gold items, including gold bars, gold jewellery bracelets, gold fortune tokens, come with an invoice stating the gold item description, guaranteeing the quality and purity of the gold. Feel free to speak with our team for more information before you make a purchase with us.

How does MoneyMax ensure the purity of the gold?

MoneyMax has a dedicated internal team of experts who rigorously assess each piece of gold to ensure its purity. For complete peace of mind, MoneyMax provides detailed information about the gold's purity, allowing our customers to feel confident and secure in their investments.