How many times have you been confused by the terms ‘999 gold’, ‘916 gold’ or ‘18k gold’?  Whether you’re on the lookout for gold jewellery for yourself or to gift someone, we’ve got you covered with our guide on different types of gold and our top picks for gold jewellery pieces you can find online in Singapore. This guide will help you unearth the different types of gold jewellery on the market, their purity levels and other burning questions you might have about this bling!

Types of gold

The purest form of gold available is 999 gold (also known as 24K gold). The karat system is used to measure the ratio of gold in relation to other alloys. Hence, the higher the karat, the purer the gold and the higher its value. However, other factors such as the weight of the gold and the design of the jewellery piece may also contribute to its overall price. Check out the table below for a clearer picture of what level of purity each type of gold has:

Karat (K)

Millesimal Fineness (parts per thousand of gold in an alloy)

Purity (% of pure gold)
















(Source: The Diamond Pro)

Is plated gold real gold?

(Credit: Kristina Polianskaia / Pexels)

In short, the answer is no. While it might be hard for the naked eye to differentiate between pure gold and plated jewellery, the type of materials used can mean a big difference in price. Plating is the process of coating a thin layer of gold onto a metal (usually silver or brass), and gold plated jewellery is often a more budget-friendly option compared to real gold pieces. If budget is a concern, check out the gold plated options (#10, #11 below) for beautiful rose-gold plated jewellery!

Types of gold jewellery you can get online in Singapore 

  • 999 Gold

999 pure gold or 24 karat gold is the purest level of gold you can get. However, bear in mind that pure gold is soft and malleable and might be bent or pressed out of shape if worn too often.  This is why most jewellers use workaround designs that include either thicker pieces of jewellery or featuring only a small nugget of 24K gold (#1) which may allow you to get away with wearing it more often!

1. 999 Pure Gold Baby Pixiu Bracelet


Pixiu charms are popular gold Jewellery to wear! Pixiu is a Chinese mythical creature that protects and brings luck and fortune to the wearer. Each Pixiu charm also includes a gold coin around its body, symbolizing that it’s ready to gobble up the fortune! MoneyMax has designed unique Pixiu charms — including a gold baby Pixiu with cabbage and bracelets with double Pixiu charms. But our favourite is this 999 Pure Gold Baby Pixiu Bracelet (available on MoneyMax Jewellery Official Store) which features a small Pixiu charm lined with black agate beads! Contrary to what is recommended of 999 gold pieces, this bracelet may be suitable for wear more often as the Pixiu charm is small and light at just 0.7g.

Get it for: Your mum or special someone in your life to bestow some good luck upon

2. 999 Pure Gold Blessing Pendant (如意)

Gift a thoughtful pendant like this 999 Pure Gold Blessing Pendant (如意) (available on MoneyMax Jewellery Official Store) to your loved one. 如意 translates to ‘wishful’ and signifies an abundance of well wishes and good fortune to the wearer. The pendant weighs approximately 0.5g and can be attached to a chain or bangle (both sold separately). 

Get it for: Your daughter-in-law as part of her si dian jin set

  • 916 Gold

916 gold is the next best pure gold rating after 999 gold. This type of gold is less malleable than 999 gold, which makes it better-suited for designing more intricate pieces of jewellery.

3. Honey Bunny Earrings

Who said gold has to be just for the adults? In most Asian societies, gold jewellery is gifted to newborn babies or gifted at full-month parties as a way of bestowing blessings upon them. And what better way to do so than with a jewellery design in the most popular cartoon of today 

Get it for: Your little daughter or niece!

4. 916 Love Gold Moda Retro Earrings


There are many modern gold jewellery pieces you can find online in Singapore. Case in point: this pair of Love Gold Moda Retro Earrings (available on MoneyMax Jewellery Official Store). These modern gold jewellery pieces are suitable to wear out on a cafe date with your gal pals or even to work! Simple and elegant, these 916 yellow gold earrings will complement your summer dress or office blazer in boardroom meetings.

Get this for: Yourself or your best gal pal!

5. 916 Love Gold  Dreamcatcher Pendant


Some types of gold Jewellery may come across as being a tad too garish and may not appeal to the younger crowd. So we were pleasantly surprised when we chanced upon this 916 Love Gold Princess Happiness Dreamcatcher Pendant (available on MoneyMax Jewellery Official Store). It’s whimsical, charming and oh-so-pretty! Weighing in at just 1.3g, we suggest pairing it with a longer chain to let this rest mid-chest.

Get it for: Yourself or your teenage niece!

  • 18K Yellow Gold

You can also find 18K gold Jewellery pieces online in Singapore. 18K gold Jewellery refers to pieces that comprise of 75% pure gold, mixed with other metals like copper, silver or other alloys. Due to the mix of alloys, 18K gold is considered to be stronger and more durable than the other types of gold above.

6. K Gold 18K Rope Ribbon Earrings

Elevate your personal style with these cute K Gold 18K Rope Ribbon Earrings (available on MoneyMax Jewellery Official Store). The twined rope design also adds texture to this otherwise simple pair of earrings. Pair them with everyday outfits or show them off with a high bun and your favourite Korean bangs.

Get this for: Yourself or the gal pal who loves anything cutesy

7. K Gold 18K Butterfly Pendant

Gold jewellery is often gifted to daughters (and sometimes sons) who turn 21 as it marks the beginning of adulthood. This sweet K Gold 18K Butterfly Pendant (available on MoneyMax Jewellery Official Store) might appeal to your newly minted adult daughter who might otherwise shy away from any type of gold. Encourage her to wear it for that dinner date you’ve planned with her and watch it sheen and sparkle in the light.

Get this for: Your daughter’s 21st birthday

  • 10K-18K White Gold (paired with real diamonds)

White gold is a popular and trendy type of gold that’s worn by many younger women. It includes a higher ratio of metal alloys (eg: nickel and palladium) that gives it a white-ish tinge when compared to yellow gold. Check out the range of 10K white gold pieces — one of which is even paired with diamonds!

8. 10K Heart of Love Necklace

If you’re on the hunt for unique gold jewellery online in Singapore then this Perfect Together 10K Heart of Love Necklace (available on MoneyMax Jewellery Official Store) might just be the piece for you. This white gold necklace features a center heart that’s held by four round circles, in a chain-like design. This necklace is customizable as well! Check out the Perfect Together Collection’s Alphabet Pendants and choose any two alphabets pendants. Hook them on either side of the heart and express your love in a more personal way (eg: I ♡ U).

Get it for: Yourself or slip this to your boyfriend or husband as a gift idea

9. Bedazzled 18K Teardrop Diamond Earrings

(Credit: MoneyMax Jewellery Official Store)

Diamond studded white gold jewellery will always be a winner with ladies of every age. This pair of Bedazzled 18K Teardrop Diamond Earrings (available on MoneyMax Jewellery Official Store) is elegant and exquisite. They are encrusted with 40 big, medium and small diamonds that’ll steal the limelight for a special night out.

Get it for: A special woman in your life. Psst, it makes for a pretty Mother’s Day gift idea too!

  • 925 Silver / Moissanite

As its name suggests, 925 silver pieces are Jewellery pieces that are made of 92.5% pure silver. Although not of a gold base, many of these pieces are plated gold. Due to this, you can expect their prices to be much more affordable. If you’re not concerned with the gold content of pieces then consider these gorgeous 925 silver pieces.

10. 925 Silver Elegante Hoop Earrings

This unique pair of 925 Silver Elegante Hoop Earrings (available on MoneyMax Jewellery Official Store) will look stunning for both casual and occasion wear. This pair is designed with two pieces of Moissanite — a near colourless gemstone that looks similar to diamonds. You can opt for the silver earrings, yellow gold plated or rose gold plated ones.

Pro tip: If you’re more concerned about durability, then choose the rose gold plating over yellow gold as the copper in rose gold increases its durability. 

Get it for: Yourself or mum!

11. 925 Silver Moissanite Heart Bracelet

Overwhelmed by all the different types of gold? Sometimes, less can be more! This 925 Silver Moissanite Heart Bracelet (available on MoneyMax Jewellery Official Store) features a minimalist but stunning design — a round Moissanite stone and heart shaped design with 14 side Moissanite. Moissanite gemstones have more brilliance and sparkle than diamonds at only a fraction of the cost! You can enjoy the luxury of a diamond without breaking the bank. The bracelet can be plated yellow gold or rose gold and comes in varying chain lengths for the perfect fit.

Get it for: The girlfriend who likes minimalist Jewellery

Which type of gold are you leaning toward?

The journey with gold Jewellery can be a complicated one but we hope we’ve simplified it with these pieces of gold Jewellery you can find online in Singapore. 

April 27, 2021