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Discover the Elegance of 916 Gold Necklaces at MoneyMax

Craftsmanship and quality define our 916 gold necklaces, all set to elevate your style. Dive into our collection and embrace elegance at its best.

Our Collection of 916 Gold

Consider 916 gold necklaces with pendants, which are timeless symbols of elegance that enchant and captivate. The rope chain, with its intricate weaving pattern, is the epitome of sophistication, beckoning those with an appreciation for detailed craftsmanship. At MoneyMax, every necklace is more than just a piece of jewellery; it's an embodiment of art, a narrative, and a definitive statement of style.

Why Choose MoneyMax for Your 916 Gold Necklace?

Our commitment to offering only the finest pieces is evident in the intricate detailing, radiant shine and durable craftsmanship of each necklace. We curate our 916 gold jewellery collection with an unwavering focus on quality, ensuring that every piece meets rigorous standards, offering our customers not just a necklace but an heirloom that can be cherished for generations. 

Furthermore, our competitive pricing, especially with gold per gram being lower than market rates, ensures that luxury is both exquisite and accessible. This commitment to value is not just about price but extends to the value we offer in terms of design, especially our exclusive range of stylish gold jewellery, particularly necklaces. 

With a strong presence via over 45 outlets in Singapore, our expansive network underscores our credibility in the gold industry. Choosing MoneyMax is choosing unmatched quality, value, and trust in the world of 916 gold jewellery.

What Does 916 Gold Mean? 

The term "916 gold" denotes a gold alloy that's 91.6% pure gold, with the remaining 8.4% made up of other metals. This composition strikes a balance between the innate softness of pure gold and the need for durability in everyday wear. Thus, 916 gold offers wearers the luxury of near-pure gold while maintaining a resilience that withstands the test of time. Here’s a complete guide on different types of gold jewellery, from 999 to 916 gold

The Importance of Gold Purity in Jewelry

Gold purity is a direct reflection of a jewellery's authenticity and intrinsic value. It signifies the amount of real gold present in the piece. The purer the gold, the higher its value and warmth in colour. Purity not only assures the wearer of the jewellery's genuineness but also conveys an unspoken elegance and timelessness that only true gold can impart.

Frequently Asked Questions About 916 Gold Necklaces 

How can I be sure that I'm buying a real 916 gold necklace?

As a trusted gold jewellery shop in Singapore, integrity is at the forefront of our service. Every necklace we offer has passed thorough quality assurance checks to ensure the chain’s authenticity of 916 gold. When making a purchase, always ask for and inspect the accompanying invoice that attest to the chain’s genuine 916 gold composition.

What is the difference between 916 gold and 24K gold?

916 gold is composed of 91.6% pure gold, fortified with other metals for added durability. On the other hand, 24K gold boasts a purity of 99.9%, representing gold in its most unadulterated form. This makes 24K gold softer, more malleable, and more susceptible to scratches and deformities.

How do I maintain and care for my necklace?

To prolong the life and lustre of your 916 gold necklace or any type of necklaces, follow these tips: 

  • Store each piece separately to prevent potential damage. 
  • Implement a routine of regular inspections and cleanings. 
  • For cleaning, gently brush with warm water and mild soap, then pat dry individually with a soft cloth. It’s important that your jewellery remains dry at all times, as water can trap dust particles which will make your necklaces look dull.
  • Shield your chain from harmful chemicals, lotions, perfumes and hand sanitisers. Keep them away from extreme temperatures and humidity. 
  • During activities such as swimming or exercising, it's advised to remove the jewellery.  

You may view our guide on caring for your gold and diamond jewellery for more advice.

Can I customise a 916 gold necklace design?

While we value your unique preferences, we currently do not offer customisation services for our designs. You may choose from our range of necklace designs, including box chains, spiga chains and those with 916 gold pendants. However, we understand the importance of the perfect fit and stand ready to assist with any resizing needs you may have.

What is your return policy for 916 gold necklaces?

At MoneyMax, your items are eligible for a one-time exchange within seven days from the date of purchase as indicated on the receipt. To qualify, certain conditions must be met:

  • The 916 gold necklace must be in its pristine original condition, complete with the original packaging. It should not bear any marks or defects, and it must be accompanied by an invoice with the item description.
  • Exchanges are permissible for items of equal or greater value than the initial purchase, excluding postage fees (this is borne fully by the customer). Please note that cash refunds are not part of our policy.
  • An exchange is only validated in cases where the customer receives a defective product or an incorrect order.
  • Items procured from our E-Store cannot be exchanged or returned merely due to a change of heart.
  • Engraved necklaces are not eligible for exchange.
  • You can only exchange your 916 gold necklace with another item of the same merchandise category. For example, brand new 916 gold necklaces can only be exchanged for new necklaces of the same category. Exchanging a 916 gold necklace for a diamond piece is not permissible unless both items were part of the same category at the point of purchase.

Do you offer instalment plans or financing options for 916 gold necklaces?

Yes, we  offer multiple financing options for our 916 gold necklaces in Singapore, including instalment plans, to make your purchase seamless. You can choose from debit/credit cards, GrabPay and PayNow for instant payment online. For those interested in instalment plans, our Shopback Paylater and Grab Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) options that allow up to four monthly payments at a 0% interest rate.

Do you provide secure shipping for online purchases?

Your peace of mind is our priority. We ensure that every purchase made online is securely shipped to your doorstep in Singapore. Moreover, we offer free local shipping for all orders, enhancing your shopping experience. If you prefer, an in-store collection of your 916 gold necklace and other forms of gold jewellery is also an option available to you.

How long does it take for an order to be processed and shipped?

We pride ourselves on prompt service. With free shipping, expect your 916 gold necklace to arrive within five to  seven days. For faster delivery, opt for express shipping, which guarantees delivery in three to four days for a small fee of $30. If you'd like to collect from our store, the waiting period is also five to seven days.

Can my necklace be shortened or lengthened? 

No but you can drop us a message and we will arrange a more appropriate size for you to do the exchange at your convenient outlet. 

How do I know my size when ordering a necklace?

When shopping with us, clarity is key. All product listings provide detailed size information. It's always prudent to measure and compare with the listed dimensions before finalising your purchase, ensuring the necklace compliments you perfectly.