MoneyMax Jewellery is ecstatic to officially launch our new and improved eStore!  

Bringing you a totally revamped website, we strive to offer the best possible experience, making your online shopping journey with us a seamless & pleasant one. 

Now, let’s take you through what’s new! 



With the launch of our new eStore, brand new jewellery, pre-owned designer bags & pre-owned watches remain our core product offerings.  

However, we’re excited to reveal that there will be exclusive bundle deals which will only be available to our new eStore. 


eStore Navigation 

We want you to be able to find the products you want in the most seamless way possible. That’s why for our new eStore, we have completely revamped our navigation system. You’ll be pleased to find various filters within each product category, allowing you to refine your search with ease. 



With over 40 physical locations in Singapore offering different product categories, it’s easy to get confused as to which product category is carried in which location. Well...not anymore.  

With our revamped Locations page, you’ll be able to effortlessly filter your search by the product category you’re interested in and even narrow it down further to a specific geo-location.  



We have integrated our payment gateway to auto-process both credit card and PayNow payments. Manual payment that took a few days to confirm is a thing of the past. For PayNow via QR code, it is as simple as Scan, Pay and Done. 

April 07, 2022