360-degrees Abacus 360 金算盘旋转

The abacus beads to turn 360 degrees constantly, represents continuous growth of wealth



Abacus Apple 算盘苹果

An apple signifies peace as they have the same pronunciation - (pingguo 苹果) and (pingan 平安) are both pronounced ping.

Wishes wearer with peace and fortune


Abacus Cage 笼算盘

Lock and secure your wealth



Abacus Fortune Gourd 算盘葫芦

Blesses the wearer with happiness and good luck

Accompanied with abacus, ensuring never-ending wealth



Abacus Gold Coin 算盘铜钱

Chinese coins are a potent symbol of wealth and prosperity

Count money in abundance everyday!

Success and prosperity to the wearer



Abacus Money Bag 算盘钱袋

Count money in abundance

Collect your wealth in the golden money bag



Turning Abacus Riing 算盘转运戒指

Grow and retain wealth in your hands



Adult Pixiu 貔貅

Pixiu is an ancient mythical creature, which is believed to bring good luck and wealth.


Big, opened mouth = Ready to gobble up fortunes

No buttocks and rectums = Will not let any fortune out

Body wrapped with gold coins = Attract Wealth

Stepping on gold coins = Abundance of Wealth


貔貅有口无肛, 喜欢帮主人咬钱回来, 因此有进无出



Baby Pixiu 貔貅宝宝


Suitable for infants and toddlers, wishing them peace and prosperity in their life

Cabbage  白菜

The cabbage (baicai 白菜) is a symbol of abundant wealth because it has the same pronunciation as “Hundred Fortune 百财 ”


Elephant 象

In traditional Chinese culture, an elephant is an auspicious animal representing peace and harmony as it has the same pronunciation as lucky (xiang 祥)

象 = 祥;在中国传统文化里,体态敦厚的大象是瑞兽,意为安和祥乐。

Fan 扇

In Chinese, ‘Fan’ and ‘Kindness’ are homonymous. Wearing a fan makes your heart unhindered to achieve a beautiful life.

扇与善同音; 善心如水,成就大愿。

Goldfish 金鱼

Goldfish symbolises abundant wealth and luck because the first character (jin) means gold and the second character (yu) has the same pronunciation as the word for "abundance" or "surplus" (yu 余).

“鱼” 与 “余” 谐音, 象征着富贵。如鱼得水,顺利的找到适合自己发展的环境。

Ingot 元宝

Gold ingots have the symbolism of wealth and high status. So prominent is the ingot as a symbol of wealth that it makes up part of the “Eight treasures” in Chinese culture.

Pearl 珍珠

The beauty of natural freshwater pearl comes in their unique variation of shapes & sizes. It exists in a multitude of colours, the most common being white, and not limited to pink, purple and even black. The shape could be round or flat.

Occasionally, you may even find pearls that has growth lines and unevenness on the surface.