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Buy Exquisite Pendants From MoneyMax Online

Embrace a world where elegance meets artistry, a place where every piece of jewellery tells a story. At MoneyMax, we invite you to discover our breathtakingly gorgeous selection of pendants. Whether you're looking to buy online or visit our stores in Singapore, the search for your perfect piece ends here. Indulge in the finest craftsmanship, exceptional variety, and unmatched quality with accessories that mirror your identity, taste, and distinctive style.

Explore the Essence of Fine Jewellery

Delve into our online collection of pendants that await your discovery, with elegant options ranging from  luxurious gold to delicate diamond pendants:

  • Gold: From the timeless radiance of yellow gold to the contemporary subtlety of white gold, each pendant reflects sophistication and grace. Crafted with precision, our gold pendants are an embodiment of enduring beauty and a symbol of cherished memories.
  • 916 Gold: With a purity level of 22 karats, our 916 gold pendants offer a perfect blend of lustre and resilience. These pieces are the epitome of grace, reflecting a rich tradition in modern designs, making them a coveted buy for discerning individuals. 
  • Diamond: For those who seek the ultimate sparkle, our diamond pendants resonate with brilliance and eternal charm. Each diamond is meticulously selected and set to create a dazzling effect. With designs ranging from classic elegance to avant-garde artistry, our diamond pendants provide endless opportunities to express your individuality.

Trust in MoneyMax: Buy Quality PendantsOnline

At MoneyMax, we have built our legacy on trust, quality, and pure elegance. Our network of 45+ outlets in Singapore stands as a seal of credibility, and each pendant is a reflection of our relentless pursuit of excellence, highlighting the purity of materials used and masterful craftsmanship. Browse our pendant collection online or in-stores now. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Pendants

How can I verify the authenticity of a pendant from MoneyMax?

Every pendant from MoneyMax comes with an invoice with the item description, providing tangible proof of quality and purity, ensuring that you are purchasing genuine and exquisitely crafted jewellery in Singapore, in line with our commitment to excellence and trustworthiness.

What styles of pendants do you offer?

MoneyMax offers a diverse range of pendant styles, from the elegant simplicity of solitaires to the intricate complexity of vintage designs. Whether it's romance, tradition, or modernity you seek, our collection offers a rich array of choices, from 916 gold pendants to diamond pendants.

How should I care for my pendant?

Keep your pendant’s sparkle intact with regular cleaning using a soft toothbrush, warm water, and mild soap. Additionally, opt for professional checks every 1-2 times per year to help us preserve your pendant's radiant shine. Discover more useful tips to take care of your gold jewellery.

Can I order a custom-made pendant?

Unfortunately, we do not offer any customisation at the moment.

What is your return or exchange policy for pendants?

We provide a 7-day exchange period upon collection. Simply contact us and we'll arrange an effortless exchange at your preferred outlet.

How do you price your pendants?

The pricing of our pendants considers factors such as weight, intricate design, workmanship and prevailing market rates. MoneyMax ensures that each price reflects every pendant's craftsmanship, quality, and uniqueness.

Are there any ongoing promotions or discounts on pendants?

Certainly! Explore our promotions page for exclusive deals on our pendants. Our offers are crafted to provide exceptional value, enabling you to indulge in our collection.

Can I trade in my existing jewellery for a new pendant?

Yes, we accommodate trade-ins, allowing you to transition from existing jewellery to a beautiful new pendant. Visit our stores to learn more about this flexible option that emphasises customer-centricity.

How can I ensure that the pendant I'm buying is genuine?

Purchasing from MoneyMax ensures the genuineness of your pendant. All purchases come with an invoice detailing the product’s description, ensuring you get what you paid for. 

What are the shipping options for online purchases?

We offer tailored shipping options such as Free Shipping (5-7 Days), Express Shipping (3-4 Days), or Store Collection (5-7 Days), so you can swiftly receive your online jewellery purchases.

Can I preview the pendant in-store before buying?

Of course! You are welcome to visit our stores in Singapore to browse our pendants in person before buying them. Immerse yourself in the artistry of our enduring craftsmanship and pick out a pendant that resonates with your style. Our knowledgeable in-store experts are readily available to offer their assistance and expertise.

What is the typical processing and delivery time for orders?

Typical processing times vary by design and customisation but usually fall within 2-3 business days. Delivery times depend on your chosen shipping method, ranging from 3-7 days.

Can I request special engravings on a pendant?

Unfortunately, we do not offer customisation and engraving services at the moment.