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As Mother’s Day draws close this 8th of May, it’s the time of the year to fondly show our appreciation for all the Mother figures in our lives.  

Be it your Mum, Wife or any other Motherly figure in your life whom truly deserves the best, we are confident that our specially curated Mother’s Day Collection will be the perfect gift(s) for the special women in your life.

Without further ado, allow us to introduce you to our Top 5 Mother’s Day Gifts!


916 Gold Abacus Blessing Beads Bracelet with 999 Gold Beads

916 Gold Blessing Beads Bracelet with 999 Gold Beads

Available in a multitude of designs & gemstones, our gorgeous Blessing Beads Bracelets come with a 916 Gold Abacus Charm & accompanying 999 Gold Beads.  

Its Abacus Charm signifies good fortune & who doesn’t love good fortune! A perfect gift for gold loving mums who are fond of wearing bracelets, these beauties will remind the receiver of your well wishes each time they put the bracelet on.  


Freshwater Pearl with Agate Gift Set

Freshwater Pearl with Agate Gift Set

Pearls are making a huge comeback into the fashion spotlight & our Freshwater Pearls with Agate Gift Sets are the perfect gift to glam up our beloved mummies out there.  

Available in Red & Green Agate, these Natural Freshwater Pearl Necklace & Bracelet sets allow the wearer to dress up with the whole set or play it a lil’ more casual by wearing them individually. Regardless, these shimmering beauties will surely put a smile on their receiver’s face.  


999 Gold Hetian Jade Donut Pendant

999 Gold Hetian Jade Donut Pendant

Lined in Pure 999 Gold, our Hetian (or Nephrite) Jade Donut Pendant is a gift of luxury well-deserved by the most important mums in your life.  

Traditionally, Hetian Jade is known to realise the dreams & wishes of its wearer as well as provide them with both fortune & health luck, making them an incredibly meaningful way to bless the receiver with your well-wishes. 


916 Gold Tortoise Abacus Pendant

916 Gold Tortoise Abacus Pendant

Great for mums who are lovers of gold jewellery, this 916 Gold Tortoise Abacus Pendant might be the perfect fit!  

Other than being incredibly cute, Tortoises are a symbol of longevity, protection, support and prosperity which can only mean great blessings for its wearer. Coupled with its Abacus which represents fortune and abundance in wealth, this might be the ideal gift choice to show your love this Mother’s Day. 


999 Prosperity Gold Bar

999 Prosperity Gold Bar

Mum that doesn’t fancy wearing jewellery? Fret not as we have options for that too!  

Our 999 Prosperity Gold Bar is a great way of gifting well-wishes that can be displayed! Available in 3 different intricately designed blessings, choose the one(s) which you want to bless your mum with the most! 


Final Thoughts

Mother’s Day is the day of the year where we show our love & appreciation for our mums, but don’t let that be the only day to do so. Take every single day as a chance to treasure our mums by showering them with the same love & affection that they have shown us since birth! 

To all mums out there, we wish you a Happy Mother’s Day!


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April 28, 2022