520 Day


520 is right around the corner! But…what exactly is 520?

Are you the part of the general population who scratches your head in confusion when you see others posting “Happy 520!” on social media? Well…good news, you won’t be confused anymore after reading this article!


Origins of 520

520 which is celebrated on May 20th (5th Month, 20th Day) annually is an unofficial holiday which started in China & has slowly started to spread across the world via social media. Even in Singapore, we’re starting to see its popularity rise with more people & companies celebrating 520! 

So, why 520 specifically? This is because in the Chinese language, 520 (wǔ èr líng) sounds phonetically similar to 爱你 (wǒ ài nǐ) which means “I Love You”.

As such, people in China started using 520 as a short form for “I Love You”, similar to how western cultures use “ILY”, and it gradually transitioned to become an unofficial Valentine’s Day where couples express their romantic love to each other with gifts.


Gifts for 520

Want to surprise your significant other with a gift now that you know what 520 is all about? We’ve got you covered with our 520 Day Collection! 

Here are a few of our bestsellers which are currently on promotion!


916 Gold Two Tone Heart to Heart Earrings

916 Gold Two Tone Heart to Heart Earrings

A pair of lovely earrings with intertwined hearts that signify the intertwined love between your partner & yourself, the perfect gift for 520.  


925 Silver Moissanite Open Heart Necklace 

 925 Silver Moissanite Open Heart Necklace

A dazzling moissanite necklace will surely put a sparkle in your significant other’s eyes. Besides having one of the most brilliant sparkles, moissanite is also an environmentally friendly gemstone due to its lack of mining. Other than that, its great durability allows your S.O to wear your gift of love daily.  

916 Gold Heart in Heart Charm

916 Gold Heart in Heart Charm916 Gold Heart in Heart CharmIf your partner wears a charm bracelet, this charm might be an ideal gift for her!

Embellished with pink & white cubic zirconia, the heart shaped charm opens to unveil an inner heart, signifying that your love is in her heart!


Final Thoughts

Whether you're celebrating 520 or not, we hope that after reading this article you now have a better understanding of this rather new unofficial Valentine's Day.

Happy 520!


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May 19, 2022