Colour your wardrobe with these colourful bags! As we head out to shop and run errands during the weekends, these bags can uplift your mood in an instance. 

1. Purple

The colour purple usually defines a person as mysterious and romantic. It is also a colour that is often well liked by creative people. Bag one of these for parties or weekend day out with your loved ones! 


2. Red 

Red is usually recognized as a stimulant and an exciting colour. For the bold and independent lady, the colour red gives you the right amount of colour and attention. A shade that is elegant and fun-loving, truly one that will capture the hearts of many women. You can carry it as a crossbody for a casual time out running errands, or dress it up with a pair of stilettos in the office.


3. Green 

Green is the colour of life. It radiates energy, renewal and nature it is usually associated with growth, harmony and freshness. Give your wardrobe a boost of freshness with this colour! A bag that will be the object of envy among your friends and colleagues.


4. Yellow 

Shine with optimism, enlightment and happiness with this yellow Bottega Veneta hobo.  Shades of yellow carries the promise of a positive future. Just the right amount of colour, this yellow number will be able to lift up anyone’s mood in an instance.  Pair it with a little black dress and this bag will give your outfit a dash of colour.


5. Pink

Pink is the colour that is always associated with young, fun and exciting.  Give your outfit a pop of colour while adding a little fun to your entire outfit by slinging it over your shoulders.  You may also carry the bag by its top handles during a formal event.  A bag that is recognised in an instance, this Chanel boy is perfect for the busy woman on the go!