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Are you looking for a bag that will be able to last you throughout your partying nights? Here are some trusty party bags that we are really excited to share with you. Whether or not you are heading out to lush clubs or having a wine or beer-swilling home party for a countdown, we are pleased to suggest a few party bags for you to have a jolly time with. 



1)      The Chanel Wallet on Chain

The Chanel wallet on chain is simple yet elegant. This is a wonderful option for those who are planning to go out all night with friends. Though small in size, it has a spacious interior that is enough to store all your essentials. This wallet on chain can easily fit in your phone, lipstick, cash and card, all that you need for the night’s partying!


2)      Louis Vuitton Chain Louise

This Louis Vuitton Chain Louise is surely a party bag. This party bag can be slung over the shoulder which allows you to party in style the whole night through keeping your hands free. Though tiny, this bag has a spacious interior to keep all your party essentials. 



 3)      Bottega Veneta Nappa Crossbody

Truly a classic, this Bottega Veneta Nappa leather crossbody is perfect for the lady who is sophisticated and enjoys the finer things in life. This crossbody is made from finely crafted Nappa leather, and thus crossbody is accented with its signature knot details.  The simplistic look of this makes it really suitable to take you from work day to a girly night out with your girlfriends. 



4)      Louis Vuitton Florentine Pochette

For the classic soul, this Louis Vuitton Florentine Pochette is the perfect choice. This crossbody is a definite party worthy bag with its signature coated canvas body which is extremely durable, essentially scratchproof and waterproof. Now, you do not have to worry if you party too hard and had accidentally spill a drink over it. 


5)      YSL Clutch Bag

If the previous mentioned bags are too small for your liking, fret not, the Saint Laurent Clutch might be the one for you! With its beautifully crafted leather, and its famous “YSL” logo at the front gives it an additional edge and puts an elevated touch of elegance to any outfit. 


With the tips shared, we hope that you have an idea of what party bags suits your partying lifestyle. Be a trendy yet smart shopper and save up to 30% off boutique prices by purchasing your party bags at MoneyMax!