She has given you the world and this is the best time to give her something in return. If you’ve been out looking for a meaningful gift that will celebrate your Mom’s sentiment and style, we’ve got you covered with our new 兴兴如意珠 Lucky Charm Collection! Available in 6 beautiful designs, there is something suitable for every superwoman on your list.

For the Loving Life Mom

Is your mom the sweetest person and is filled with enthusiasm for life and motherhood? She’s the one who has so much love to give and takes the lead on organising all the family activities. Our Full of Love Pendant is sure to match her personality!

For the Career Mom

You will spot her rushing for her work appointments, but she is managing both aspects (home and office) beautifully. She is self-assured and goal-oriented, and you grew up looking up to her as your role model. Gift your Mom the Wealthy Life Charm or Never Ending Wealth Pendant to bless her with luck and prosperity!

For the Chilled-Out Mom

The one you just want to run up and hug. She is easy-going, accepting and gentle. She provides a warm, stable home with her unconditional love and is supportive of her family. Simple designs like the Fortune Coin Charm would be well appreciated by your Mom as she lives her own zen life.

For the Fashion Forward Mom

She creates a unique style for herself and is not afraid to make a bold statement. From her hairstyle, clothes, shoes to accessories, everything is in sync! Your fashionista Mom makes motherhood look like a total dream. Help zest her wardrobe with our Endless Blessings Earrings or Multiply Your Blessings Charm!

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