Father’s Day is celebrated worldwide to recognize the contribution that fathers and father figures make to the lives of children. Fathers have always been seen as the strongest person in the family, but let's not forget that even the strongest person needs our love and appreciation. For all that he has supported you through life, pamper your dad this Father’s Day with a thoughtful gift unlike any other!

Yes, men do wear gold too! If you’ve been buying a few too many ties or shirts for your dad, we suggest it’s time to expand your gifting horizons. Men’s bracelets or rings are typically wider and more substantial than women’s, and can hold special meanings that makes it perfect for gifting. An auspicious piece of jewellery such as a Pixiu Bracelet or Abacus Ring symbolises blessings of wealth and luck – which makes it really meaningful and definitely something your dad would love to wear for years to come.

The gift of a timepiece is a lasting and functional choice, and adds a dash of style to anything your dad is wearing. When selecting a watch, think about his lifestyle and hobbies – does he need a tough and durable watch, or something simple and sophisticated? Then think about his personal style – does he typically dress in classic, trendy, or sporty wear?

Consider the Rolex Submariner for the classy dad with an appreciation for craftsmanship and precision engineering, or the Breitling Superocean Heritage for the dad who’s sporty and adventurous, and loves getting into the heart of all the action. With our wide range of timepieces, you will definitely find one to match your dad’s style.

A luxury bag or wallet is an age-old gift that never gets tired and has a touch of class. Moreover, they are well-made, practical, and suit our fathers’ everyday lifestyles. If everything goes according to plan, your dad will likely use it until it is quite torn apart – which may be years down the road. With their suave combination of elegant designs and durable construction, a Louis Vuitton Messenger Bag or Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Wallet will definitely be appreciated by our dads.

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