The thought of owning a great deal of luxury bags is definitely every woman’s dream and possessing just a few bags can never seem to be sufficient for multiple occasions. As our lifestyle changes with age, we often indulge and pamper ourselves with all these must-haves and neglecting those that have been accompanying us from the earlier days. Despite being overjoyed with our first luxury bag purchase then, it turns out to be a pity for it to be placed aside now. Unknowingly, a mountain of bags is piled up before you even realize it!

By placing your luxury bags aside, it does not bring you any value except to collect dust. Let’s all be honest, being a smart shopper knows the fact that exchanging their pre-owned yet valuable items for money is a wiser choice!

In MoneyMax, you can sell your preloved luxury bags to us in exchange for cash. With these cash, you can even upgrade to a new bag model, literally exchanging it at minimal cost whenever you want! Certainly, there are other areas you can spend this sum of money at, such as a short trip during this June holidays or grow your money through investments etc.

For most people, selling your luxury bags online and contacting direct buyers is the most common way. However, can you imagine having to answer endless questions regarding the authenticity and condition of your pre-loved luxury bag? Not forgetting to mention that it only applies if there are direct buyers approaching you.

Leave the hassle to MoneyMax! With our simple valuation process, selling your luxury bags to us allow you to skip the trouble of dealing with multiple questions from different buyers and get cash immediately after valuation. As the preferred destination to sell your pre-loved luxury bags, watches and jewellery, MoneyMax is the trusted brand you should visit! Not forgetting that at MoneyMax, you are also able to purchase pre-owned luxury bags and watches from our wide collection at our outlets across Singapore or via our online e-Store,

As the saying goes, “you can’t receive the new, if you don’t let go of the old”. Now that your neglected luxury bag collections have already completed their duty for you, selling them opens your arms to a better set of must-haves and other enjoyment in life!