Jolene (@topazjolene) is the bubbly girl-next-door everyone loves. Over the past few years, she gained popularity as a beauty, lifestyle influencer on social media. We caught up over a chat and got her to share about jewellery styling tips, and the Love Gold BLESSINGS Collection pieces she adores.

If you could use one word to describe your style, what would it be?

I would say the word is “Bold”, like my personality. I would describe myself as someone who is pretty adventurous. It is my dream to travel the world, to experience everything and anything new. It is the same thing for my style, I try to be exploratory and match statement jewellery pieces with my outfits to create varying looks!

What inspires you and drives you to do better as an influencer?

My followers are my greatest motivation, and they are the ones who inspire me to do better. I am extremely lucky and honoured to be able to influence and get people to trust in the products and services I love and believe in. It drives me to do better when I know that my readers and followers love the content that I put up for them to read, and have confidence in my recommendations.

What tips do you have when styling with gold jewellery?

Stand out fashionably and do not be afraid to wear gold! I would say that less is more when styling with gold jewellery! Statement jewellery should be paired with simple clothes and not with heavily patterned attire. For example, a classic black dress is the perfect outfit to match with chunky gold accessories!

How would you pair jewellery to match your mood of the day?

I tend to accessorize more on feel-good days when I’m planning to head out with friends, and keep things minimal when I know that I have a long and busy day ahead at work. Choosing the right jewellery will also help shape my mood. Wearing a statement piece makes me feel more confident, while daintier pieces put me in a girly mood!

What is it about the Love Gold Blessings Collection pieces that you love the most?

I love that the jewellery pieces in BLESSINGS Collection are modern, although it has a hint of Chinese tradition in its designs. I also love the intricate details on the jewellery. Nothing’s better than combining tradition with style to complement your everyday outfits.