A beauty and lifestyle blogger, Jamie spells ultimate sweetness from her looks, to her girly demeanour. We got the privilege to spend some time with this sweetheart, and got her to share about her jewellery must-haves, and what she thinks is important as an influencer.

What is your go to jewellery piece? Is it a necklace, a pair of earrings or rings?

A woman’s beauty is personified by wearing the right jewellery. Adding jewellery to a regular outfit ups your style game and makes one feel confident! My go-to jewellery piece is definitely a necklace or a pretty pair of earrings. I like how a gorgeous necklace helps draws attention to my collarbones, and I like to layer thin dainty necklaces as this allows me to change the look by subbing in one necklace for another. Earrings are like a staple accessory, and it is great for me to incorporate into my everyday look without having to worry about looking too over the top!

What are 3 qualities that you think an influencer should have?

Anyone can become an influencer, but it does not mean that everyone can do it well. I believe that an influencer should have Honesty, Integrity and Passion.

If you are not being entirely honest, and do not have integrity in what you say about a product, service or experience, your followers will stop trusting and liking you because your content is not truly authentic. It also takes a lot of passion to be able to continuously come up with good and relevant content. If you do not have the ball of fire to keep going, it will not be easy to keep up with the rest of the competition.

What role does jewellery play when you style your outfits? Do you follow any rules?

Sometimes all we need is a perfect piece of jewellery or two to up your style game. Jewellery has become indispensable in fashion, and it helps me work magic on a simple outfit by adding a touch of sparkle and glamour. I do not exactly follow any rules when it comes to jewellery styling, but I always try to wear matching jewellery pieces. For example, when layering jewellery, I stack on thin bangles and rings that are of similar or complimentary tones.

What tips do you have when styling with dainty jewellery pieces?

Get creative when styling dainty jewellery pieces together, and don’t be afraid to mix and match! Play around with the lengths and textures of the jewellery items and start off by pairing and stacking items from the same collection to ensure a more cohesive look. When heading out for a special occasion, I create a bolder statement by wearing multiple necklaces together with stacked bangles or bracelet.

What is it about the Love Gold Princess Collection pieces that you love the most?

This sweet and romantic collection evokes a fantasy - where every lady is a princess. Adorable with a classic touch, the PRINCESS Collection sweetens my mood instantly! I also love how wearable the designs are, and they match a great variety of outfits. I can definitely see myself rocking many of the pieces on a daily basis.