Francesca (@itsfranxcesca) inspires thousands of followers with her great sense of style. 

As a blogger and model, she posts regular content of her awe-inspiring looks on Instagram to share with her readers. We were extremely lucky to get up close and personal with her through a short interview to know about her style mantra and her favourite Love Gold jewellery pieces from the MODA collection.

How do you use jewellery to perfect your everyday look?

Jewellery helps me turn the simplest of styles into stand-out looks, and is crucial in completing my everyday outfit, to make it uniquely me! Be it a dainty ring, a pair of dangling earrings or a long necklace, jewellery helps to add a classy accent to what I wear, and makes me look more put together.

You have built yourself a very successful career as an influencer. What advice would you give to the ones who hope to follow in your footsteps?

I think it is extremely important to be genuine, to be you. Anyone can take and post pretty pictures on Instagram but if you inject your personal style, that's when you can stand out from the rest. I also believe that it is important for you to enjoy creating content for yourself, and not just for the likes or followers.   

Do you have a style preference when it comes to jewellery?

I enjoy styling jewellery by mixing and matching pieces to fit my mood, and of course to suit what I’m wearing! I love dressing in basic tops with skinny jeans or denim shorts, so most of the time I will play up my look with statement jewellery. The beauty of statement jewellery is that it only takes one chunky item to make your outfit stand out.


What tips do you have when styling with chunkier jewellery pieces?

When styling with statement jewellery, it is important to match complementing pieces so no attention will be taken away from the statement piece. For example, I’ll wear a chunky gold bracelet and complimenting thin bracelets, together with a ring that is of matching tones.


What is it about the Love Gold Moda Collection pieces that you love?

I love that the MODA Collection encompasses designs that are sophisticated and classy. Suitable for every modern woman, the collection pieces comes in a variety of styles that are suitable for daily wear. There are so many gorgeous designs in this collection, you’ll be so spoilt for choice!