It’s that jolly time of the year again, we’re finally counting down to Christmas! Start your Christmas shopping early with MoneyMax Jewellery where we Wish Upon a Christmas together!

Christmas will certainly be a little different this year, but it’s no reason to hold back the giving of gifts to our loved ones to let them know that they still have a special place in our hearts. With our new collection of 916 Gold Dreamcatcher pendants and Jolly Bundles, rediscover the true spirit of Christmas and make the most out of this festive season.

916 Gold “Wish Upon a Christmas” Dreamcatcher Collection

Dreamcatchers are famously known as protective charms that capture bad dreams while letting good dreams flow to the sleeper. Over the years, it has become a popular design and definitely a trendy gift idea to consider putting in your Christmas shopping cart. Every part of the dreamcatcher has a distinctive meaning – The net captures bad dreams while the feathers below help the good dreams flow and travel softly to the sleeper.

Mesmerising with its intricate design, dreamcatchers are beautiful additions to your home, garden and even your car. This Christmas, let’s don these meaningful and beautiful pendants on ourselves!

916 Gold Happiness Dreamcatcher Pendant

The unique pink enamel hearts decorate this piece, symbolizing happiness where one’s heart is always full and contented. This pendant focuses around bringing happiness and when worn, it helps to fill the wearer with comfort and satisfaction.

916 Gold Fortune Dreamcatcher Pendant

While dreamcatchers, in general, symbolize “catching good dreams”, this special design comes with fortune coin motifs to take it up a notch – capturing wealth and fortune for the wearer. Those who are looking for modern designs that hold auspicious meanings can definitely consider adding this to their wish list.

916 Gold Faith Dreamcatcher Pendant

This dainty design symbolizes faith and confidence in everything one does. This delicate and simple piece brings inspiration and success to your life, helping you as you dream big and achieve your life goals.

Jolly Bundles

Christmas is all about showering our loved ones and ourselves with gifts, and MoneyMax Jewellery knows just the best jewellery bundles for you to buy as presents. Who doesn’t love bundles which can be given as a gift in full or split between several recipients? Take a look at MoneyMax Jewellery’s Jolly Bundles!

Bundle of Joy

Exclusive and only available at MoneyMax Jewellery (Yes, you cannot get this anywhere else in the world!), bring joy to your kids, nieces or nephews with our Bundle of Joy consisting of two 999 Pure Gold Peppa Gold Coins, a Peppa Backpack and a Peppa Plush Toy!

Bundle of Faith

Strengthen your faith with MoneyMax Jewellery’s Bundle of Faith, consisting of a 916 Gold Cross Pendant and Festive Calendar. Why not count down to this Christmas (and every year’s Christmas!) with Santa Clause?

Bundle of Happiness

Gesture your finger heart to everyone; be happy together with this Bundle of Happiness, which comprises of a 916 Gold Finger Heart Pendant and a Jewellery Cleaning Kit. Restore your jewellery to their glory and keep every piece in good shape – All your jewellery pieces will be as good as new with this cleaning kit.

Bundle of Wealth

If you prefer to have bracelets instead, choose this Bundle of Wealth which contains a 916 Gold Charm and Jewellery Cleaning Kit. It comes with a colourful bracelet – Use this bundle as a base to start your story this Christmas. As you build on your 916 Gold charm collection, your bracelet will be filled with more precious meanings that accompany you as you go. Tell a life story with MoneyMax Jewellery’s charms!

Bundle of Love

Express your affection through the perfect duo of 925 Silver Heart Necklace and Heart Earrings collection. Keep these accessories safely in the Classic Jewellery Box, displayed on your vanity table or easily brought around for travel. This Bundle of Love is sure to WOW and be loved for a lifetime!

How are you spending this Christmas? Have you thought of your gift ideas yet? We hope we helped you make some decisions! Shop our Wish Upon A Christmas collection now!


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