Get the oranges and pineapple tarts ready because Chinese New Year is here!

Even though CNY visiting this year might be a little different due to the restrictions in place, that shouldn’t spoil the fun & festivities!

Here at MoneyMax Jewellery, we would like to wish you a Happy Chinese New Year in advance! May everything go smoothly for you in the Year of the Ox!

Nobody ever said that the only gifts you can give to your loved ones (or yourself *winks*) during CNY are Ang Baos! So, why not spice it up this year with some Gold! What’s more, did you know that Gold symbolizes wealth and riches in the Chinese culture?

With that, our team at MoneyMax Jewellery have curated a selection of 7 CNY Visiting Gift Ideas in addition to giving Ang Baos.

Ox Year Collection

With it being the Year of the Ox, what could be more apt than gifting Ox related jewellery! 

With our Ox Year Collection, we have 999 Pure Gold pendants in 5 different designs to choose from, perfect for your loved ones born in the Year of the Ox! Mooooooooo

Blooming In Prosperity

We have also launched our Blooming In Prosperity collection, a new series of 916 Gold pendants, earrings & rings that will pair flawlessly with any CNY outfit! 

The elegantly blooming flowers signify the promise of a new & fresh start, perfect for the new year that is upon us!

Rolling Wealth Ox Bracelet

A great gift idea for Pixiu Bracelet lovers, our 999 Pure Gold Rolling Wealth Ox Bracelet symbolises the bringing of great fortune & wealth from all directions to its wearer. The spinning golden ball atop the Ox signifies that great fortune will always be rolling in for the wearer.

Lucky Charm Collection

For your loved ones who enjoy the freedom of choice, consider getting a charm from our Lucky Charm Collection.

916 Gold charms encrusted with 5 different coloured stones symbolising 5 different well wishes are for your choosing! Mix & match them on a rope bracelet for a style that is uniquely yours!

Emoji Zodiac Placement

A gift ideal for the whole family, our 999 Pure Gold Emoji Zodiac Bracelet with Enamel accents are sure to bring joy to anyone who lays their eyes on it.

With 12 uber cute designs available, easily match it to each individual’s zodiac year for a fuss-free gift!

Auspicious Bracelet

For a traditional gift idea, consider getting our 999 Pure Gold Auspicious Bracelets with Enamel Accents.

Available in a variety of designs with different well wishes perfect for CNY, they’ll definitely please whoever is lucky enough to receive them!

Golden Prosperity Bundles

Last but not least, we have our Golden Prosperity Bundles.

These collectibles would definitely add a great CNY vibe to any home they enter! Available in 2 different variations, the Lucky Ox Bundle & the Prosperous Bundle, they would be the perfect door gift for the whole family!

Free Gifts With Purchase

To sweeten the deal, for every purchase, an Exclusive Angbao Set will be given, and with every purchase of $500 and above, a Happy Ox Plush will be gifted as well!

Happy Chinese New Year

Once again, our team here at MoneyMax Jewellery wishes everyone a Happy Chinese New Year! May everyone stay Safe, Healthy & Prosperous!