Monthly Archives: April 2018

  1. An Interview With Jamie

    A beauty and lifestyle blogger, Jamie spells ultimate sweetness from her looks, to her girly demeanour. We got the privilege to spend some time with this sweetheart, and got her to share about her jewellery must-haves, and what she thinks is important as an influencer.
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  2. An Interview With Sheena Phua

    When we first met Sheena (@sheenaphua), we were charmed by her doe-eyes, and her impossibly fair skin. Sheena is a social media sensation with her stunning Instagram feed showing her frequent travels all over the world. 

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  3. An Interview With Jolene

    Jolene (@topazjolene) is the bubbly girl-next-door everyone loves. Over the past few years, she gained popularity as a beauty, lifestyle influencer on social media.

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  4. An Interview With Xin Lin

    With a smile as bright as the sun, Xin Lin (@xinlinnn) is a joy to be around. Her bubbly personality and versatile style earned her a huge following on social media.

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  5. An Interview With Francesca

    Francesca (@itsfranxcesca) inspires thousands of followers with her great sense of style. As a blogger and model, she posts regular content of her awe-inspiring looks on Instagram to share with her readers.
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